The Central Florida High Definition Society


The Central Florida High Definition Society's goal is to increase the awareness of HDTV in the Orlando area through communication, education and involvement.

We have organized this society for three reasons.

  • First to educate members about HD in Central Florida for the purpose of promoting accurate facts about HD to the general public.

  • Second is to establish support for troubleshooting, demonstrations by dealers or manufacturers, group buys of HD equipment and social events with fellow enthusiasts.

  • Third is relationship building with the local broadcasters to provide points of contact for the broadcasters to troubleshoot changes to their station, utilizing the wide variety of equipment available from the Central Florida HD society

Through the use of the AVSForum , the CFHDS members can help newcomers to High Definition Television with installation, equipment and setup problems. Members also report Digital TV broadcast problems to the TV stations, post replies from the station and can work with the station to resolve issues. Because the of the unique conditions present in Florida, it is possible to receive HDTV from other cities throughout the state. CFHDS members also report reception of these DX (non-local) stations.

Sadly, many of the sales people who sell HDTV products are uninformed when it comes to the capabilities of TV sets, what equipment is necessary to receive HDTV and the availability of HD programming in the Central Florida area. CFHDS can help you make an informed decision.

In February, WKCF WB18 hosted a tour of their station facilities for CFHDS members. In March, WKMG hosted a tour of their station. A tour of  WESH  is being planned in April and a family event to see Star Wars Episode II at the

Pleasure Island AMC 24  (3 chip DLP) theater is being planned for May. Other activities are being planned for the summer.

Photos from the WKMG tour can be seen here.

Download the WKMG PSIP flow chart pdf

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