Your new HDTV can look a lot better!

The manufacturer presets your high definition television to look it's best on the retailers showroom floor. Your living room or home theater has the opposite viewing environment as the retailers brightly lit showroom so calibrating your display will vastly improve your picture.

Imaging Science Foundation

For a professional calibration always use Imaging Science Foundation trained personnel. The fact that you have researched this far indicates you know something is not right with your new HDTV and adjusting the user controls is not correcting the image.

ISF calibration is the science of adjusting a display to present a pleasing accurate image. Technicians are given specialized training in the art and science of display calibration to match your personal preferences and lighting conditions. The process involves a deep calibration way beyond the user menu to correct the picture at the factory service level of adjustment. This requires extensive training and specialized equipment to analyze the picture and make the correct adjustments. I have over 8 years of field experience ISF calibrating high definition displays of all types from every major manufacturer.


Frequently asked questions


Why didn’t the factory set my display correctly before shipping it to the retailer? 

The short answer is the manufacturers marketing department told the engineering department where to set the controls to maximize sales. You can hardly blame them since most people who walk into a store to shop for a HDTV simply buy the brightest set in the room. In order to keep making displays ever brighter than the next guys brand something had to give. Unfortunately it was color accuracy.

What kind of problems can the ISF calibration correct?

Contrast- The factory sets contrast way too high to promote in-store sales. This clips off white picture detail and increases your risk for burn-in on Plasma and CRT displays. Excessive contrast also contributes to eye strain during evening viewing.

Brightness- Brightness set too high causes the picture to look washed out and have no shadow depth or detail. Setting it too low crushes black detail and causes dark muddy images. ISF calibration finds the best possible setting.

Color- Turning color down to set the correct amount of red causes blue and green to look pale. Calibrating for equal amounts of the primary colors greatly improves the picture.

Tint– Adjusts the picture towards green or red but the colors still look off balance until the color decoder is set properly.

Grayscale- This adjustment requires equal amounts of red, green and blue to achieve neutral whites, grays and blacks. Manufacturers add extra blue at this stage to create the illusion of more light. Calibration restores the balance.

Color Decoder- Picture in your mind that red, green and blue all have separate Color and Tint controls and the factory turned only the red color control way up. This is known as Red Push and is a common technique with manufacturers to cover up all the extra blue the intentional blue grayscale error added to the picture so people don't look like smurfs. Calibration restores equal amounts of Color and Tint to all the primary and secondary colors for accurate flesh tones.

Color Management- Newer digital displays offer the ability to re-align the primary and secondary colors to SMPTE CIE standards and create a more accurate image. This menu structure allows the display to generate the best possible color but requires our advanced tools and experience to adjust properly.

Sharpness- The factory sets sharpness way too high adding a false border artifact around the edge of every line. This is also known as edge enhancement. Sharpness should really be labeled "noise" since that is all it actually adds to the picture. Calibration finds the optimum balance between the highest resolution and excessive noise for each source in your system.

Centering- Often the news crawls are cut off from the bottom of your picture. Calibration centers the picture for equal spacing on all sides and minimum overscan.

Convergence- Analog rear projection needs to have red and blue aligned with green to achieve a sharp image free of colored borders on edges. Digital displays with 3 chip designs can need small adjustments.

Why can’t I adjust my user controls and correct the problems myself?

Because the controls set by the manufacturer are locked inside a hidden service menu not accessible by the user and viewing a test pattern by eye will not produce an accurate calibration. A properly trained and equipped ISF professional knows the service codes and procedures to correct the problems and optimize your picture.


Will I lose the calibrated settings if the power goes out?

Absolutely not. The service menu settings are stored in the displays eeprom chip and cannot be lost with a power outage.

Why should I hire you to calibrate my TV when Best Buy is offering to do it for the same money?

I have a great deal more experience and advanced training in subjects like color management and color decoder calibration. I am going to calibrate your entire system including all of your sources and your audio, not just the display. I have superior equipment and I depend on my good reputation to stay in business. You can contact me to ask questions about my services, experience and references before you hire me. With Best Buy you have no control who is going to show up at your door and no idea the level of skill. I watch your display when I work, not the clock. Best Buy requests staff to complete the calibration in under 2 hours.
I stay until the job is done.

How much does ISF calibration cost?

All flat panels and rear projection displays


Digital front projection


Advanced color management add


Lumagen video processor setup


What is included for that price?

All of the procedures listed above for all of your sources by an experienced calibrator. A before and after ISF calibration report is standard for all customers.


The bottom line.

ISF calibration will return your display to the accurate picture intended by the hollywood director instead of the overdriven display and off balance color forced in by the manufacturers marketing department. You paid good money for a High Definition display and now for a few hundred dollars you can enjoy a reference class image.


Barry VanDenBerg
Orlando Digital TV

ISF trained in 2002
Colorfacts Professional Certified in 2004
Advanced Color Space Management training in 2006
Samsung Specialist
JVC projector specialist
Pioneer Elite ISF Day/Night Software Founding Member
HAA level 1 Certified for Audio Calibration
Certified CEDIA Member

Contact Information

Phone 407-592-6500


Calibration equipment

Calman Professional software.

X-rite Eye One Pro enhanced probe.

X-Rite Hubbel probe.

AV Foundry Videoforge 3D test pattern generator

Accupel HDG-3000 high definition test pattern generator.

Pioneer and Pioneer Elite ISFccc for all panels. Runco/Vidikron ISFccc, Epson ISFccc, NEC ISFccc, Optoma ISFccc and ControlCAL calibration software interface for all Pioneer Elite including monitor software patching.

JVC projector calibration software for all projectors with Color Management Systems.

Blu-ray and DVD setup reference discs.


To say I am thrilled with the results of your calibration would be an understatement, but the ultimate compliments came from my wife. She was a skeptic of the whole idea, but she was completely blown away with your results. We could not be happier and look forward to many hours of viewing pleasure. Please feel free to add us to your list of satisfied customers.

Dave Wilcox
Winter Park

I am very pleased with the results of Barry's calibration efforts. I have a Panasonic 65" 1080p plasma (600U) and a Lumagen Radiance video processor. Barry used his tools and knowledge to substantially improve the appearance of the plasma's relatively weak black levels and bring the color outputs into conformance with ISF specifications. The outcome was blacks that actually look black with very little loss of shadow detail and a more 3D like image especially with Blu-ray sources. Colors are more true to life after elimination of both green and red push. Barry took the time (almost 6 hours) to get things right.

I will have Barry calibrate my next TV purchase.

David Singer

I had always tried to get my TV perfect because I like seeing the same picture I see in the movie theater.. I thought I had it close, but wasn't sure. When Barry came over, he was friendly, helpful, and explained everything clearly for me. He hooked everything up, and he even could tell that I had messed with it. He showed me that my blue drive was way off the scale. He calibrated the TV for me, and showed the before and after graphs. Once I saw the calibrated picture, I was stunned that my HDTV could even produce the colors I remembered from the movie theater. He knows his stuff, and I recommend him to anyone that wants their TV looking great.

Brandon MacEachern

I was not so sure my Sony KV-30HS420 HDTV would benefit enough from an ISF calibration since it was entry level at best compared to larger and more expensive HDTVs on the market. But as soon as Barry arrived and corrected the infamous "red push" that had plagued us the most out the box I knew the ISF calibration was the right decision and worth the expense just to see accurate fleshtones again. Barry spent most of his memorial day afternoon calibrating everything from color to grayscale on both the tv and our Sony combo DVD player. The results were impressive and well worth the money. The HD broadcast never looked this good and the DVD calibration was equally as impressive. I would recommend Barry and an ISF calibration to anyone wanting to experience the way an HDTV should look out of the box.

Daved Hild

Barry calibrated my Mitsubishi CRT rear projection TV. He was very professional and did a great job. He listened carefully to my individual preferences and calibrated my set to perfection. Barry took the time to explain the procedures and answer all my questions as he worked. The Duvetyne he installed eliminated all the internal reflections and lowered my overall black level. Now DVDs look much improved and high definition looks absolutely spectacular! The ISF calibration was worth every penny and I am a very happy customer. 

Rob Ripley



I originally hired Barry to calibrate my Panasonic CRT a few years ago and I was astounded at the improvement in the color and picture quality. The application of Duvetyne to the inside of the cabinet dramatically improved the blacks. When I replaced the set with a newer digital Samsung DLP projection TV I knew that calibration of the set would give me the best possible picture. I hired Barry to ISF calibrate the new display and was further amazed that the picture quality was better than I anticipated. My colors are much improved; no more of those electric greens (which are typical of Samsung DLPs) and darker blues. The ND filter tweak and application of Duvetyne improved my black levels substantially.  Highly recommended! 

Dick Lichtel



My Mitsubishi Diamond is impressing me daily since I hired Barry to ISF calibrate the set. The color is great and overall detail is much better. Barry rewired my audio, video and control cables and then reprogrammed my remote so now my wife can run the TV. 

John Wold



I found out about Barry's services through the and his website I had scheduled my calibration for 1:00 pm on the Saturday before the Superbowl. Barry arrived on time and immediately began work on my Samsung DLP. I decided to let him perform the filter tweak that involves placing a neutral density filter over the lens. The care with which he removed the front panel and screen was excellent. The filter was put in place and he partially reattached the screen. This allowed me to evaluate its effect. I decided to keep the filter and he proceeded to calibrate the set. Barry spent almost 7 hours at my home! He was always patient and understanding and at no time did I feel uninvolved in the process. I am extremely pleased with the results and would not hesitate to recommend him. 

Tony Habermeyer


Samsung owners

The Samsung service menu includes a special control set designed by Video Essentials creator Joe Kane. This level of calibration access enables stunning color accuracy. Please contact us for more information.