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There are currently 3 ways to receive Digital TV in the Central Florida area.

1. Off Air Broadcast



Off Air

WESH-DT NBC channel 11
WKMG-DT CBS channel 58
WFTV-DT ABC channel 39
WKCF-DT WB channel 17
WRBW-DT UPN channel 41
WOFL-DT FOX channel 22
WOPX-DT PAX channel 48

All of the above are currently on the air with an HDTV channel that is free to receive with digital off air equipment. WOFL and WOPX are affiliated with networks that have chosen to remain in standard definition.

2. Time Warner Cable

Central Florida currently has full HDTV support from Time Warner Cable - a rarity in the cable industry. The channels available include all the off air channels above plus PBS-HD national, HBO-HD and Showtime HD.

3. Digital Satellite

Both DirecTV and DISH Network support HD with HBO-HD and Showtime HD. DirecTV has the fabulous HDNet sports and entertainment channel. More HD channels are on the horizon.

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