Your new digital monitor can look a lot better!

The factory sets a new television monitor to look it's best on the retailers showroom floor which means a brightly lit fluorescent warehouse.

Your living room or home theater has the opposite lighting conditions as the retailer so adjusting your set can vastly improve your picture. The first step you should take after buying a new TV is to turn the Contrast down to at least the half way mark. You may think you are getting a brighter picture with it all the way up but in reality you are losing detail information in the white areas of the picture and you are potentially shortening the lifespan of your set.

The next step is to purchase a DVD with test patterns and do some basic calibration based on the instructions included with the DVD. Two popular calibration DVD's are AVIA and Video Essentials.

For a more complete calibration you should consider hiring a certified ISF professional who can go into the sets service menus and rebalance your color and make other service level improvements using professional calibration equipment. Be sure to verify the experience level of the calibrator as to your specific model of television.

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