Programming in High Definition



Duplicate Channels - There are many High Definition channels that also have a Standard Definition or analog duplicate channel on your cable or Satellite system. A good example is ESPN which has a Standard Definition channel on DirecTV ch. 206 and a High Definition version ESPN-HD on ch. 73. Even though the guide indicates the same programming on both channels the picture will have 6 times more resolution on ch. 73 when the network is running HD programming. This same situation applies to all the networks like CBS, ABC, HBO...etc. You need to find the channel numbers for the HD version of the channels on all the programming services like DirecTV, Bright House Network, or Dish.

Digital Audio - You must use the coaxial or optical digital audio output from your source such as a HD set top box or DVD player to actually hear 5.1 Dolby Digital sound. If you are using the Left and Right analog audio source then you are only using 2 channels of audio to create Dolby Pro Logic®. Hook up the digital audio if you can for a big improvement in sound quality.

Programming Quality Issues

WMFE-DT drops the national PBS HD feed to save money and replaces it with SD and a rare HD show. Write to them.

WMFE-DT runs 4 sub channels on the digital service consuming over half the bandwidth of the HD channel during the day. During primetime WMFE shuts down two of the sub channels so only one third of the total bandwidth is used for sub channels. WMFE does not believe the HD audience is high enough of a priority to purchase HD programming. Let your donation be your voice for more HD programming from PBS. Write to them.

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